Cause of Not Draining the Dishwasher

My Dishwasher Does Not Draining

Perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to a dishwasher is that it does not drain. This problem, which is somewhat common, occurs for various reasons, and in this article from the RepairLand website, we want to fully investigate the reason for not draining water in the dishwasher.

The reason for not draining the dishwasher and how to fix it

  1. Dishwasher drain pipes, sewers or filters are clogged.
  2. Technical defects and defects of some important parts such as pumps and valves, etc.

Therefore, you can check some of the items yourself and solve the problem of not draining the dishwasher.

Sewer pipe

The reason for the dishwasher not draining may not be related to the appliance itself, but to the drain path of your sewer pipe. If the sewer pipe is blocked, it is not possible for water to pass through and drain it. You can solve this problem with the help of a specialist plumber.

Water drain hose

The hose or drain pipe of the dishwasher is located on the back of the machine and is connected to the drain pump on one side and to the sink and the drain pipe of your house on the other side. One of the reasons that the dishwasher does not drain the water is a defect in the drain pipe. Items to check include:

  • Eliminate any mazes in the drain hose (except for the hose ring, which is there to create a siphon effect and to prevent sewage from returning to the device)
  • Proper installation of the drain hose according to the manual of the device and observing the height of the ring to help the pump and return the sewage, correct placement inside the sewer pipe, correct connection to the body and…
  • Ensure that the water flow inside the hose is not blocked by opening it from the device and testing it
  • replacing the drain hose if the current hose is defective

Dishwasher drain filter

The drain filter is installed to prevent food particles and debris from entering the pump and drain hose and prevents them from clogging and damaging the pump. But sometimes the entry of small debris and food debris into the filter itself and blocking it, causes the water in the floor of the dishwasher to collect and the dishwasher not to draining.

The dishwasher filter is located in the form of a plastic cylinder on the bottom of the machine and under the sprinkler arm. Turn the filter counterclockwise and then pull it up to remove it. In some models, a coarse plate filter is placed under the cylindrical filter to capture larger food particles. Rinse the filter well. Also clean the hole where the filter is placed and which leads to the hose or drain pipe.

Dishwasher drain pump

The dishwasher drain pump is located under it and behind the panel, and together with an arm and an electromagnetic piece, it forms a set with the aim of draining water from the machine. If the drain route from the appliance to the sewer pipe is open, the problem of not draining the dishwasher can be from the drain pump.

Technical inspection of the drain pump after removing it from the dishwasher, which is done by opening the panel, can be done by an experienced and professional specialist. Then, at the discretion of an experienced technician, the drain pump will be repaired or replaced.

Dishwasher electronic board

The electronic board of the dishwasher is responsible for sending the work step instructions to the various parts of the dishwasher. This part sends commands and also establishes an electric current to the mechanical and non-mechanical parts, causing them to function at a specific time for each and therefore it is considered as a kind of brain of the device.

If there is a defect in the electronic board, it is possible that the dishwasher does not draining. In these cases, the device should be inspected by an experienced specialist and the electronic board should be replaced if necessary.

The cause of water accumulation in the dishwasher that is off

The cause of water accumulation in the dishwasher that is off

In some cases, when the machine has reached the end of its washing cycle, or even when the dishwasher is off, some water collects inside the machine. If this amount is low, this is normal. But if the amount of water is significant, it indicates a problem in the machine that can be troublesome and sometimes cause an unpleasant odor in the dishwasher.

The water on the floor of the dishwasher is generally clean or dirty. If the water is dirty, the dishwasher is not able to drain the water or the drained water is returned to the dishwasher through the drain hose. If the water is clean, then there is a problem in the way water enters the device.

In these cases, the things that can cause water to collect on the floor of the dishwasher and should be investigated are: drain hose, dishwasher filter, water inlet solenoid valve, drain pump and electronic dishwasher board.

Note that if your dishwasher shuts down for any reason in the middle of the wash cycle, some water will remain at the bottom of the machine and will not drain. In these cases, first put the machine back on a wash program and after the end of the wash, check again if there is water or not.

How to drain the dishwasher water?

If water has accumulated in the bottom of your dishwasher and you want to drain the water in the floor of the dishwasher before the repairman comes, the method of draining the water of the dishwasher is as follows:

If the amount of water is high, remove the water with a small container or glass to reduce the amount. Then drain the water from the bottom of the dishwasher with a damp cloth or cleaning cloth.

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