9 Reasons Why Microwave Is Sparking Inside

Microwave Is Sparking Inside

You may notice a spark in your microwave while the food is heating. In this case, you must turn it off immediately and unplug it. Then troubleshoot the device. This problem is common in many microwave ovens and is not a cause for concern. Stay tuned to the RepairLand website to find out the causes of microwave sparking inside from simple to specialized.

Keep in mind that sparks the microwave oven are accompanied by noise and light, and in some cases burn marks can be seen on the wall or ceiling inside the device.

Warning: The microwave oven generates powerful electrical waves that can even be deadly or cause a fire in some situations. Therefore, do not open the microwave parts and repair it arbitrarily and leave the specialized cases of microwave ignition to the skilled technician of this device.

why is my microwave oven sparking?

  • Drops of oil or other liquids and pieces of food in the microwave
  • Existence of metal parts inside the device
  • Damage to the metal base inside the microwave
  • Microwave stirrer failure
  • Microwave wave propagation cover failure
  • Diode piece burns
  • Magnetron component failure
  • Internal connections
  • Microwave actuator failure

Drops of oil or other liquids and pieces of food in the microwave

One of the things that causes a microwave to spark is the accumulation of drops of oil, fat, liquids and food particles in the microwave. In this regard, we recommend that after each use of the microwave, thoroughly clean the compartment, walls and especially the ceiling with a damp cloth. Also, if the metal turntable or floor glass of your microwave comes off, take it out and wash it, and after drying, put it back in place. This way you can prevent the microwave from sparking by cleaning and then drying it inside the appliance.

Existence of metal parts inside the device

Even the smallest pieces of metal can cause of spark in the microwave. As we said, turn off the appliance and unplug it, then open the lid and make sure the microwave is free of any metal components. For example, any metal utensils, spoons, forks, or wire left over from wire scotch, as well as the foil or aluminum foil that you place on food, can cause the microwave to spark. Therefore, be sure to use containers that are suitable for use in the microwave, and before using the device again, make sure that there is no metal damage in it.

If the microwave metal tripod is intact, it will not spark the microwave because it is covered with a layer of paint.

Damage to the metal base inside the microwave

Most microwave ovens have a metal base to create a floor that may erode over time. Take out the metal base and examine it carefully. Over time, part of the microwave metal base may have faded or the plastic under the bases may have faded, which could cause the microwave to spark. To solve this problem, the metal base of your device must be replaced, make sure that the new metal microwave base is of good quality, because its poor quality can cause damage and sparking in the microwave.

Diagnosing the problem, troubleshooting and fixing the other 6 causes of microwave sparking requires knowledge and expertise in the field of repairs, and any action taken by a non-specialist to solve further cases will result in more damage to the microwave, electric shock, fire and danger to life. As a result, RepairLand recommends performing the following simple test to determine if you need a repairman to fix the microwave spark problem:

First do the things mentioned in the first and second cause; That is, thoroughly clean the inside of the microwave so that no stains of oil or other liquids as well as food particles are visible. Then remove all metal utensils such as bases, chickens and steamers from the microwave, then place a glass of water in the middle of the microwave tray and allow the appliance to heat the water.
If the microwave does not spark during this time: that is, the cause of the microwave sparking is due to discoloration of metal accessories, scratches and scratches on the steamer, wear of the pins under the bases and the like, and the damaged part must be replaced.
If the microwave sparks: It means that the cause of the microwave sparking is technical and is probably one of the things that we will mention in the following. Leave it to the technician to fix the problem of your microwave sparking inside as quickly as possible in the best way.

Microwave stirrer failure

The stirrer helps to cook evenly in the microwave. This piece distributes the heat energy generated by the magnetron piece evenly. Stirrer failure causes heat energy to be concentrated in an area of the microwave and not dissipated. As a result, the microwave burns and sparking. Troubleshooting, repairing or replacing the stirrer is the job of the technician, and non-specialists can cause more problems by damaging the microwave.

Microwave wave propagation cover failure

On the inner wall of the microwave is a rectangular cover called a wave propagation cover. Its job is to direct heat energy to the center of the microwave so that the heat is concentrated in the part where you place the food container. Occasionally there may be food particles on the cover, in which case the heat of the magnetron piece will burn the food particles and cause the microwave to spark, causing damage to the nozzle head, followed by larger sparks. Had. Fixing this problem should be done by a microwave repairman by replacing the nozzle head and in some cases changing the emission cover.

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Diode piece burns

The diode piece in the microwave generates a high voltage that is used to transfer heat to the magnetron piece for cooking. Diode burns cause the microwave to spark.

Warning: Repairing and replacing a microwave diode is a risk of electric shock due to high voltage.

Magnetron component failure

As we have said, the magnetron is one of the components that produce heat energy in the microwave, and failure of this part can also cause the microwave to spark.

Internal connections

Internal connections may be due to wear of the winding insulation inside the appliance, failure of the microwave’s internal components, and so on. These connections cause the microwave to spark (in some cases with the smoke of the device) and can damage the body of the device.

Microwave actuator failure

The microwave actuator rotates the machine tray so that heat energy is evenly distributed in the microwave. If this part does not work properly, the tray will not rotate and the heat will radiate to a concentrated area, causing the microwave to spark. This problem is caused by a broken motor or actuator belt that must be repaired by a microwave technician.

recommended measures to prevent microwave sparking

Our recommended measures to prevent microwave sparking:

  1. After each use of the microwave, clean the inside of the appliance and the inside of the lid with a damp cloth or sponge. (Avoid using wired or thick metal scotch tape)
  2. Use the right programs and accessories for any type of cooking or heating to prevent damage to the microwave’s interior and space. For example, do not use a tripod in the microwave program, because in this case, the pin under the tripod is likely to melt.
  3. Use microwave-safe utensils and do not use metal utensils or utensils that have puffy lips to prevent the microwave from sparking.
  4. Use microwave lids to prevent food particles from spreading into the appliance and grease stains on walls and ceilings.

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