Why My Refrigerator Is Not Cooling?

Why My Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

One of the problems which many people face is the refrigerator not cooling. This means a condition that the machine works but cannot reduce temperature in refrigerator. Therefore, refrigerator not cooling or its inside being hot could lead to the foods sooner decay, more pressure on the compressor, occurrence of other problems such as refrigerator engine being one way, and several other matters.

However, the reason for refrigerator not cooling cannot be named as just one specific case. Due to the fact that refrigerator is composed of an inter-connected complex, drawback in any of its main parts could disarrange machine performance and lead to the heat of refrigerator inner space, and not cooling it enough. We recommend that you stay with us until the end of this useful post from the RepairLand website.

Reason for the refrigerator not cooling

Before you evaluate your refrigerator cooling performance, you must know about the best temperature suitable for your refrigerator and freezer.

According to the research performed, and also America Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the best average annual temperature for refrigerator is the range of 2 to 5 degrees C (less than 40 degrees F), and the best suitable temperature for freezer is 20 to 17 degrees C (about 0 degrees F). However, it should be noted that refrigerator temperature settings must be different in summer and winter. Usually, the suitable temperature in summer is 3, 4 degrees, and in winter 4,5 degrees; That is, one degree increase due to warm weather!

Note that if you have just bought the refrigerator, after its installment and implementation of the settings, you must let the machine 24 hours to get to the constant conditions. In case it has not reached the set temperature, and could not chill enough, then call refrigerator repair.

Refrigerator temperature not set

Sometimes, reason for the refrigerator not cooling is not piece disorder and anything special be deficient, and deficiency is just due to the machine temperature. If you are using old refrigerators, temperature setting is performed through volumetric thermostat, and in the latest models using keys and digital screen. Regarding what was referred to in the year cold and warm seasons, get sure about your refrigerator degree or temperature setting.

Existence of barrier on the way of air circulation

Inside refrigerators, air valves and fans are used that are responsible for air circulation and flow in their case. Naturally, if voluminous and large boxes of facilities and foods be put in front of these fans and valves, air circulation has not rightly occurred which causes refrigerator uneven inner temperature, which might be your refrigerator stop cooling.

food excess reason refrigerator does not cool down

Foods excess in the refrigerator

If you put so many foods in the refrigerator, so that it exceeds its authorized capacity, and materials be put with pressure on each other, cool air circulation inside the machine is not possible, and pressure is made to the compressor which might not be suitable for this amount of foods, and their temperature reduction, so leading to the heat of refrigerator inner space. Regarding the guide booklet and according to your refrigerator capacity, put facilities in that, in order for additional load imposition not being a reason for the refrigerator not cooling enough.

Heating inside the refrigerator due to the problem of its lid

In case refrigerator door lock is deficit, and the machine door does not get closed accurately, its inner temperature cannot get constant, and you will see refrigerator inner space being heated with exit of the cooling air. Also, one of the main cases about whose right function you must get sure, is the washer or rubber around refrigerator door.

If refrigerator door rubber has been cut or torn, got loose or separate from the door, so that it lets outside hot air enter the refrigerator, this would lead to so many problems such as not cooling of refrigerator. Beside this problem, refrigerator canker occurs slowly and the machine would completely keep aloof of its right function. Deficit of refrigerator door round rubber could also be the reason for your refrigerator not cooling. Therefore, if you have faced refrigerator not cooling, it is better to precisely examine that, and change refrigerator door round rubber if needed.

Compressor and compressor relay deficit

Pressing condenser gas and their pumping to the coils or refrigerator black pipes, refrigerator compressor is counted as one of the main parts of the refrigerator. One reason for the refrigerator not cooling is its compressor or relay start deficit.

If you are doubtful about compressor problem, first change compressor relay start. Because this particle is cheaper and easier. If the problem still exists, compressor itself has problem. If freezer fan works, but the refrigerator does not chill, it is one of the signs of the compressor deficiency. Compressor replacement is so professional and sensitive, and it must be performed by a technician.

Refrigerator not cooling because of condenser gas deficit

One of the main reasons for the refrigerator not cooling, and its being warm is deficit of condenser gas in cooling cycle. In case gas leak has caused its reduction in refrigerator cycle, effects like refrigerator not cooling, compressor getting hot, and etc. can be seen. In these cases, there is need for refrigerator gas charge by proficient technician.

Condenser pipes

Condenser pipes or coils are those black pipes behind old refrigerators. In the recent refrigerator models, these pipes are not evident. In condenser pipes, gas shaped condenser that has absorbed refrigerator inner substances heat, is in temperature exchange with environment air, and would again change to liquid with losing heat. In case a barrier lead to temperature exchange, cooling procedure would plague, and could lead to the refrigerator not getting chill enough. Cloud and pollution leak on condenser pipes, or their obstruction and blocking are among the barriers.

Get sure about condenser pipes being clean and obstruction free. Besides, get sure about enough space around refrigerator and condenser pipes, and also suitable air conditioning at the locus of the refrigerator.

Condenser fan deficit

Condenser fan is below the refrigerator, beside compressor. Condenser fan is responsible for compressor and its pipes cooling. If condenser fan function is not performed correctly, this would lead to compressor temperature increase and its heat, and therefore increase in temperature (that is the refrigerator inner space heat). One of the signs of condenser fan malfunction is refrigerator and freezer parts not being simultaneously chilled. However, pay attention that in refrigerators which condenser pipes are seen behind, condenser fan does not exist. Fan must be able to freely rotate, while no pollution or substance makes that turn. Therefore, in case of blades break or fan engine being half burned, change them.

Operator fan malfunction, another reason for refrigerator not cooling

Operator fan malfunction can also be reason for your refrigerator not working. When you open refrigerator door, and cool air is thrown out, it is actually a sign of operator fan regular and accurate function. This fan is placed behind freezer part, and its malfunction is observed when freezer part has a constant temperature and cool air, however, refrigerator part is not chilled enough. Also, if refrigerator makes sounds like howling, this might be due to operator fan malfunction. Besides, one reason for the upper part of refrigerator not cooling refers back to operator fan impairment. Another problem occurring about operator pipes malfunction is refrigerator operator freezing which could lead to other problems in future.

Air damper malfunction

Air damper controls the cool air exchanged between freezer and refrigerator. Through this valve inside refrigerator, the cool air in the freezer part transfers to the refrigerator part and chills that. In case air damper cannot get open, while freezer part temperature is fixed, refrigerator part temperature is affected and would increase. Air damper replacement is the key to the problem of refrigerator not cooling, which must be performed by the technician.

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