Cause Of A Washing Machine Making Loud Noise

washing machine making loud noise

In some cases, the loud noise of the washing machine is due to the presence of a hard object in the machine, such as a belt buckle or clothes buttons, which hits the drum or the glass of the washing machine when spinning. Of course, this is not the only cause and the technical defect of one of the parts of the device is also involved in the occurrence of this problem. For example, most of this noise is the sound of the washing machine drain pump.

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Causes of washing machine noise and ways to fix it

There are many reasons that can cause unusual noises to be heard from the washing machine while washing clothes. Some of these reasons can be easily fixed by the user, but for some of them you will need the help of a repairman. Washing machine technical problems often occur due to wear and tear or improper use of the machine. These problems can only be solved by repairing or replacing a broken piece.

Determining the cause of loud washing machine often depends on at what stage the machine produces a lot of noise, For example, the cause of the loud noise of the washing machine when rinsing and draining water can be related to the drain pump.

Existence of foreign objects in the drum

Checking the contents of the drum is the first thing you need to do. If you have not checked the pockets before putting the clothes in the washing machine or you are sure that there are pins, coins, keys and other hard and metal objects in the clothes in the pot, this is probably the reason for the loud noise of your washing machine.

In some cases, hard objects from previous washes get stuck in the rubber around the washing machine door or in the drain washer, and in subsequent washes, they cause noise in the washing machine.

Excess clothing inside the drum

Another reason to hear unusual noises when washing from the washing machine is to overfill the washing machine. This can cause clothes to be pulled into the glass door of the machine and produce a squeaky or “knocking” sound.

Pump failure: The loud noise of the washing machine drain pump is due to its failure

One of the most important reasons for the loud noise of the washing machine is the failure of the drain pump of the machine. The sound of the washing machine drain pump can be heard when rinsing and draining water. This part is responsible for pumping water into the machine and leaving dirty water inside the washing machine to the sewage. If this part is damaged due to wear, power fluctuations and the like, an abnormal sound can be heard from it, which often worries users.

You must replace the drain pump to eliminate the loud noise of the washing machine drain pump. Replacement of this part must be done by a technician specializing in washing machine repair.

Washing machine coupling failure

Most washing machines use a component called a motor coupling to transmit motor power. This coupling, which has 2 plastic drive prongs, reduces the vibration of the prongs and reduces the noise of the washing machine.

In general, after a long time of using the washing machine, the coupling wears out. To solve this problem, you have to remove the washing machine chamber to access the coupling piece.

Washing machine shock absorber failure

All washing machines use shock absorbers to absorb the vibrations of the washing machine. These shock absorbers reduce the noise of the washing machine during washing.

If the shock absorbers are damaged or weakened over time, they will cause noise in the device. You need to change the springs to reduce the noise of the washing machine.

washing machine making loud noise when spinning

Belt failure

Most top-door washing machines use belts to support the drum when spinning. Four straps are attached to the top of the drum and to each corner of the washing machine to reduce the movement of the drum.

Of course, these belts are rubber and can be damaged over time and with the use of the device. If the belt in the machine is damaged, the drum will come into contact with the chamber, causing the washing machine to vibrate as well as loud noise.

This problem with the belts is often due to overfilling the washing machine and applying too much pressure. Finally, in case of such a problem, be sure to replace all 4 belts of the device.

Actuator motor failure

To check the washing machine motor failure, disconnect the actuator belt from the machine and turn on the motor. If the washing machine is still noisy, it is a motor fault. In such cases, repairing the washing machine will solve this problem; but sometimes the engine has to be replaced.

Break bearings

The bearing part of the machine reduces the sound of the washing machine while the internal drum is spinning. Usually, due to the extra load and spillage of clothes in excess of the capacity of the washing machine, excessive use of the machine and especially the consumption of substandard detergents can damage the bearings of the washing machine.

If the bearings break, the internal drum of the washing machine also moves. If this problem occurs in the bearings, the repairman must also replace the rubber around the door of the washing machine drum.

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