Why Is My Washing Machine Not Spinning?

Why does the washing machine not spinning?

Why does the washing machine not spin? Do you know the reason for a slow or bad spin of the washing machine? Read the guide to solving this problem in this post from RepairLand.

Reasons for not spinning the washing machine

Sometimes, your washing machine is faced with a problem, and there is a question why this washing machine does not spin. For answering this question, there are common answers that in the following, we will introduce them to you.

Note: ‘Not spinning’ means that the inner drum of the washing machine does not work and spin. So, it causes the washing machine to fail, completely.

Door lock of the washing machine

When washing machine work is begun, its door must be closed and locked. If it is not locked, it will not work, because there is a possibility that the door opens when the drum spins.

Door lock system

If the door lock system of a washing machine is faulty, it can cause the washing machine not to spin. So, it must be repaired or replaced. The door lock system is different from the door lock. Because this system includes all components around itself which do the lock job. But the door lock includes only lock.

Washing machine door latch

In some cases, the washing machine does not spin due to mechanical or electronic door latch failure which must be corrected.

As I told about the door lock of the washing machine, the door latch also has the same application and when it is not opened truly, the machine does not start to work.

The control board of the motor

The motor control board is responsible for supplying the motor power. If there is a fault in the motor board, the washing machine does not work and spin, properly.

Rotor and stator

One of the other reasons for damage to the stator winding or damage to any points of the rotor is its magnet.

The operation of the rotor and stator of the washing machine is that they are involved with each other and create a strong magnetic field in the direction of both sides.

If any points of the rotor or stator damage, they will not allow the washing machine drum to spin.

The motor coupling of the washing machine

The task of the motor coupling is to connect a washing machine motor to a power transfer system.

In fact, I must say that the operation of this device is that if we put clothes more than the intended weight of the washing machine in it, the power does not transfer to the motor and does not allow the machine to be started.

In some cases, it is possible that the motor coupling damages due to working high.


A washing machine clutch is responsible for connecting the power transfer motor to the spinning wheel. When both of them do work well, there is not any problem for washing machine spinning.

If a washing machine clutch damages or rubs, the operation of the machine is faced with a problem.

Clutch band kit

A clutch band kit is one of the clutch parts which causes the spinning wheel to spin fast after launching.

An actuator basket of the washing machine

An actuator basket is located between the inner wheel and power transfer system. If an actuator basket is a reason for not spinning a washing machine, first of all, check the spinning wheel. If it is not the cause of that, check the power transfer system. If both of them do not have any problems, you can replace the actuator basket.

Ball bearing

A ball bearing is one of the most expensive components of a washing machine that is located on the outer wheel. It is responsible for helping the inner wheel to work smoothly and comfortably.

Strap belt

The strap belt is responsible for spinning the drum of the washing machine which rotting, tearing, loosening on the strap belt wheel, etc. … causes the washing machine not to spin.

Strap belt wheel

A strap belt wheel is a component that the strap belt is located on it and the washing machine drum. It helps the strap belt spin.

With wearing and defecting the strap belt wheel, it is possible that the strap belt does not stay on it and slips. Of course, it does not allow the strap belt to spin on the strap belt wheel any more.

Washing machine motor

Failing or burning a washing machine motor is the other reason which is rare. When you checked all parts of the machine and made sure that they do not have any problems, then you can check the motor.

If the motor does not have any problem, so first, connect the power to the motor. If you saw that it works but it has an unusual sound or it has a normal sound but it does not work, repair it.

The reason for a slow spin of the washing machine

The reason for a slow spin of the washing machine

The reason for a slow spin of the washing machine: if a washing machine does not spin same as before and you have noticed that it spins slower and smoother than before, there are two reasons as follows:

  1. Loosening the strap belt: Being damage or loosening the strap belt causes the belt not to fully engage with Foley and the washing machine chamber drum spins, slowly.
  2. Washing capacitor failure: If the start capacitor of a washing machine motor damages, sometimes even the motor cannot spin the washing machine chamber. In this case, only the washing machine tank shakes and does not spin, but in some cases the capacitor weakens and the tank spins, slowly. These cases are eliminated by replacing the capacitor.

In this paper, we introduce kinds of reasons for not spinning a washing machine to you. We tried to describe the solutions to solve this problem. We become happy that you share your comments with RepairLand website.

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